America, why?

Dear America,

Please be careful. You are ruining your country, and the safe haven that it once was. This is your last chance. Your administration is weak and scared. People who are frightened with a weak constitution have a tendency to attract others who are scared and weak, because there is strength to be found in numbers, even those numbers who are reaching for the wrong fruit.

America, why do you bully and intimidate? I am saddened to see your leader have tantrums while your citizens remain desperate, frightened and dying.

America, why do you lie? Good leaders do not claim to know things when they don’t.  They do not lie to the detriment of their constituents. Being a leader means to be humble and know when, and how, to listen to those that may know more than you. The answer to violence is not bullish tactics, war and violence.  And eye for an eye does make the whole world blind. Many who led responsibly were wise enough to know that war is not the answer.

America, why are you greedy? why do you still depend on oil? Oil is the earth’s blood. Why do you continue to take it out of the ground and cast it into the sky for profit? Greed is your Achilles heel. 

America, why do you deny the science of natural order? Why do you thwart it? Why do you look but not see?  Natural order is stronger than you. You are a smart. As you are now experiencing how natural order forces it’s way.  You are very fragile. Take heed and work with it.

Why do you fear? Lose your fear. If a foreign power came and overpowered you, do you think your current administration would fight to the death for you or make a deal with your enemies? What do you feel in your heart? How should you treat your fellow humans?  Are you not one race – the human race?

America, you circling in dangerous malstrom but you can still save yourselves. You can take back your power. You can do better. Right now, your consciousness is narrow. Your collective thinking and wisdom is small and rudimentary, but you can change your consciousness to that of natural order. Look deeply within and know your heart. Stay in the present.  That is what matters most.

One very good leader explains the concept of Staying in the Present in the video below:

Nothing is forever – not this virus, not this pandemic, not this life, not your planet, not even your democracy. Please America, be careful.

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