Lose fear

My child.  I am going to tell you some things that may inspire you and perhaps confuse you.  I shall do so regardless of consequence because we are divine and the divine are fearless.  This is the secret to a long and happy life.

Do not fear being alone.
You are not alone.  You are never alone.  You were made of a divine image.  You are divine.  You, I and everything in the cosmos are connected and possesses a share of the divine.  The guidance provided from those that nurtured you along your way is always with you.  If you pray and listen carefully to your heart, you will hear the divine guidance within.  Listen to that voice closely and you will always find your way.

It is normal to feel nervous when starting a new chapter in your life, but do not let this affect you negatively.  Recognize this nervous energy and turn it into the positive energy you will need to get through the challenges you will face in life.

Do not make life decisions based on fear.  The truth is, there is nothing to fear because you have nothing REAL to lose.  What you truly have, you can never lose.

If you lost everything you perceive to have, you would start over and come to realize that you never truly lost anything.  Most who hit rock-bottom are purged of the fear of losing because they realize what they lost wasn’t truly real and bounce back stronger than ever.

This is hard to understand, I know.

If you “lost” everything, your life wouldn’t end unless you chose it to end.  Your loved ones would still love you, the world would still turn, the sun would rise again, and birds would still sing their beautiful song in your ears every morning.   Don’t waste your energy on fear of loss any further.

People place emotional shackles upon their own feet.  Please do not let fear, or those fearful around you, make your decisions.  Make them with divine guidance confidently and quietly.  You do not need to justify your actions to others or convince them why you are doing what you are doing.  You have your road and they have theirs. Many do not understand and are ruled by fear.  Be patient with yourself and with others.

Are you ruled by fear of failure?  
Why?  You were born perfect and perfection can not “fail”.  Your perception of what you call failure is what is causing your fear.  There is no success without “failure”.  What you are calling “failure” is a necessary step in the process of becoming an evolved spirit.  A better, smarter and wiser person.  A truly unique individual.  Doesn’t the crystal chalice need to be burned to become strong.  Doesn’t the diamond have to be violently cut to shine it’s brightest?

We do not grow without our “failures”.   Kings, queens, world leaders, visionaries, and the greatest minds of our time, all “failed” to their betterment.  Steve Jobs got fired from the company he founded, only to be hired back to make it one of the most successful companies of this time.  If he perceived his initial firing as a “failure”, he wouldn’t have found the strength to continue his mission.  You must change the perception of your journey to recognize, welcome and learn from your “failures”.

Let’s remove the word failure from our vocabulary.  Let’s call them challenges.

My Child, you are divine!  Fearless!  Make a choice to remove fear from your perception and the pressure you are experiencing will be gone.  You’ll know when it happens because you will laugh and cry.  You will laugh because of the relief finally letting go of fear and you will cry because you have lived with fear for so long, it will feel like an old friend has died.

It’s a simple choice you can make.  Realize that you have more power than you are giving yourself.  Take your journey one day at a time and continue to listen to the divine guidance within.  You may find it hard to believe right now, but you do have the answers, if you choose to listen.   Do your best each day and learn from your challenges. This is the secret to a long and happy life.

Life is beautiful.  Never stop listening.  I love you.


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