Rise Above Your Primitive and Primal Instincts

Rise Above Your Primitive and Primal Instincts

Contributed by several people of high intelligence.

Deep down, all living organisms are nothing more than a group of replicating molecules trying to ensure the replication of their genes. To do this, they must all compete for resources, namely food and mates. There will always be this competition.

Organisms learn quickly that they cannot do it on their own so they enter into mutual cooperation with other genes and organisms to ensure the replication of their genes. Over millions of years these co-ops turn into groups that ensure their power to procure resources while keeping other groups at bay.

It is not racism or sexism or any “ism”. Rather, it is just individuals mutually cooperating to gain and retain power to procure resources. It can be race, nations, political parties, religion, unions, etc. What we view as evolving civility and social justice is nothing more than the playing field being leveled by a gain in power by the weaker have-nots.

Perhaps men have always been threatened by women for this reason, and have keep them suppressed in society for a means of control.

One would hope that humans, being sentient beings, could be smart enough not to live in a dreamlike state, unaware of their ability to rise above their fundamental primal, and primitive instincts and share the pie (which is your beautiful world) equally with their fellow sentients.

You are made in My image so why are you still behaving like primates? Primate social structure is based on hierarchies. People who refuse to seek enlightenment will continue to live in a dream like state, unaware of their divinity, resulting in a lower than average intelligence. This is just a mathematical fact to risk tautology. That will guarantee that many will look to live through the achievements of those deemed superior by society. Kissing up to the leaders is just what monkeys do well.

You will notice many people chant “we won” even though they aren’t playing on the team. “We” means they believe they are a member of that tribe. Try standing at a slot machine and say, “we won” next to someone getting a big payout. Even if they are wearing the same sports team jersey as you, or point out that you are both the same race, sexual orientation, or of the same political affiliation. It won’t go over the same way.

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